Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Wattpad in its own words ….

Wattpad is the world's largest community for discovering and sharing stories. It's a new form of entertainment connecting readers and writers through storytelling, and best of all, it's entirely free. With thousands of new stories added every day, an incredibly active community of readers, and the ability to read on your computer, phone, or tablet, Wattpad is the only place that offers a truly social, and entirely mobile reading experience.

 I love Wattpad, it’s a great way for up and coming authors to share their works with a wide audience. I stumbled across Wattpad a while ago whilst looking for free books to read on my tablet and thought I would give it ago. I have found so many books I have thoroughly enjoyed and some of the books I have read on Wattpad have now been published so I feel privileged to have read them first, where it all started on Wattpad. 

Some people share their books a chapter at a time, which can be frustrating because I can get hooked easily and want to know more of the story…but it is a way to keep you interested and needing more. Others have the whole book uploaded ready for you to read and enjoy.

Wattpad is a fantastic community, there are thousand of stories to dig through, categorized into genres so you can find a book to suit your mood and add to your library. I recommend it for people looking for a free book to read, there are some real gems on there and some extremely talented people.

Below are some of my favourite books I have read on Wattpad, I hope you enjoy!

After Chloe Pryce's final careless mistake, she's forced to move from sunny California to live with her father in rural Alaska. Where Chloe is greeted by the town's finest and fiercest boy; Grayson Holtz. But Polar, Alaska has it's own fair share of dark secrets and Chloe - well she's about to get caught up in it all...

Alaska is the first book in the Wolfstate Chronicles by Bella Johnson. I had just finished The Wolfs Of Mercy Falls Trilogy and was looking for a new wolf story to continue my addiction to the genre and I found it in Alaska. I followed the book as it was shared a chapter at a time and thought it was an amazing read! I found myself counting down until the next chapter was released, it was that good! This book has now been published and book Two Texas is up on Wattpad - I am only half way through but am already enjoying it! 

Hi,my name is Tessa O'Connell and I know a boy who:
-Frustrates me to no end
-Argues with me all the time
-Likes going through my underwear drawer
-Steals my (supposedly cleverly hidden) stash of Kit Kats
-Calls me shortcake even though I'm 5'7
-Makes me cry like a baby
-Has an unhealthy obsession with my personal life
BUT he also happens to be my guardian angel and somehow I've started to (almost) like him...SHOCKER?

A lot of people will think this book is the cliche girl falls in love with the bad boy but it is so much more than that! This book is well written, funny, romantic and sweet and you can't help but love Cole - hes an amazing character! This book isn't even finished yet, but I am still following it and reading every new chapter because I am so invested in the story and the characters!

Ava is ripped from her life by a sadistic priest on her way home from school. He leads a very sinister and secret life. She is forced to live in a room with his son, trapped in a house of hell. Day by day her innocence is torn apart, but despite witnessing horrific events, she finds herself caring for the boy with dark secrets. To survive, Ava must choose between her freedom and love. What will she choose?

His To Keep was a creepy and dark and unlike anything I has ever read before. I honestly didn't think it would appeal to me, but I couldn't stop reading because I liked the dark love story!

Sixteen-year old Jackie Howard knows nothing about her new guardian Katherine Walter when she moves from New York to Colorado. After discovering that Katherine has twelve boys, Jackie fears that living in the Walter house isn't going to be easy. It's just icing on the cake that the boys look like Abercrombie models...

I didn't expect much when I started to read this book, but I was surprised it was fun, had heart, good characters and a great love story. I have read other books with a similar story on Wattpad but this has to be my favourite and would happily read it again. I also have read the sequel and enjoyed it too!

I highly recommend checking out Wattpad, you never know you might find a new favourite!


  1. I'm going to check it out, sounds like a good app for my tablet!

    1. Its a great app, I highly recommend it! Thanks for your comment :)