Monday, 5 May 2014

Review - Forgiven ( Angels Of Affection #2) By Carly Fall

Forgiven By Carly Fall
Publication: March 31st 2014

The next assignment for Angels of Affection, Liam and Adela, takes them to snowy Lake Tahoe, California. As they search for the next people they are to help fall in love, they are told they will be receiving some assistance from a third angel.

As she watches an argument between a man and woman in the cabin across the way, Adela believes she has found their next mission. As Liam and Adela work to bring the couple back together, a series of dramatic events tears the angels apart, and sends Liam to Eternity—a place with no beginning and no end.

As Liam’s past and present collide and Adela struggles on Earth with the fallout from the events, it becomes very apparent that things aren’t always what they seem, and sometimes an angel needs to realize the answers are right in front of him.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Forgiven is the second installment in Carly Fall’s exciting Angels of Affection series. After reading the first book Betrayed and enjoying it thoroughly, I couldn't wait to lose myself in Liam and Adela’s story once again and I was not disappointed.

Liam and Adela are on a their second mission as newly appointed Angels of Affection, trying to bring love to the world and stomp out the hate and evil. Throughout this book we witness Liam fight his feelings for Adela and deny himself the happiness he things he doesn't deserve. Liam goes on a personal journey throughout the book fighting a whole bunch of emotions including jealousy, guilt, lust and love.

I love how Adela and Liam’s relationship developed and blossomed throughout the story. The addition of Gunner to the story was welcomed and I enjoyed seeing the relationship dynamics change. I would love to read about Gunner in further books, I think he deserves his own happy ending!

Forgiven is a beautifully written book, full of interesting characters and a unique story line. Carly Fall has created a world I love and want to know more about. I really enjoyed going on the journey with Adela and Liam as they try to make the world a better place and find themselves along the way. I look forward to reading more from Carly Fall in the future.

Rating: 4/5


  1. I always love finding unique reads! Great review!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. I always looking for a unique read! Thank you and thanks for stopping by :)