Thursday, 31 July 2014

Waiting On Wednesday...on Thursday ;)

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Again real life has taken over and I have been rather unwell meaning I am behind on my blogging and posting reviews :( So here is this weeks book I am anticipating!

I can't wait to read:

Expected Publication: January 13th 2015

Maddie Fynn is a shy high school junior, cursed with an eerie intuitive ability: she sees a series of unique digits hovering above the foreheads of each person she encounters. Her earliest memories are marked by these numbers, but it takes her father's premature death for Maddie and her family to realize that these mysterious digits are actually death dates, and just like birthdays, everyone has one.

Forced by her alcoholic mother to use her ability to make extra money, Maddie identifies the quickly approaching death date of one client's young son, but because her ability only allows her to see the when and not the how, she's unable to offer any more insight. When the boy goes missing on that exact date, law enforcement turns to Maddie.

Soon, Maddie is entangled in a homicide investigation, and more young people disappear and are later found murdered. A suspect for the investigation, a target for the murderer, and attracting the attentions of a mysterious young admirer who maybe connected to it all, Maddie's whole existence is about to be turned upside down. Can she right things before it's too late?

A mystery thriller with a paranormal twist! Count me in! I love the sound of this one and I can't wait to see the final cover!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Top Ten Tuesday - Ten Authors I Own The Most Books From

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This weeks topic is Ten Authors I Own The Most Books From. I am currently not home so I am trying to picture my book shelves and figure out from memory who's books I own the most of! 

1.L.J. Smith

I have the full Secret Circle and Night World series and eight Vampire Diaries books. 

2. P.C. Cast

I have 9 books in the House Of Night series and 4 in the Goddess Summoning series.

3. Rachel Caine

I have 12 of the Morganville Vampire series books and two books from the Weather Warden series.

4.Lauren Kate

I have the 5 Fallen series books, The Betrayal Of Natalie Hargrove and Teardrop.

5. Melissa De La Cruz

I have 7 books in the Blue Bloods series.

6. Jane Austen

I have her complete works.

7. J.K. Rowling

I have the complete Harry Potter series.

8.Stephanie Meyer

I have the complete Twilight series and The Host.

9. Alyson Noel

I have the 5 books in The Immortals series and the first book in the Riley Bloom series.

10. Kelley Armstrong

I have the Darkest Powers series and two books in the Darkness Rising series.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Review - The Vincent Boys By Abbi Glines

Published: November 14th 2012

Ashton is getting tired of being good, of impressing her parents and playing ideal girlfriend to Sawyer Vincent. Sawyer is perfect, a regular Prince Charming, but when he leaves town for the summer, it’s his cousin Beau who catches Ashton’s eye. Beau is the sexiest guy she’s ever seen, and even though he’s dangerous, Ashton is drawn to him.

Beau loves his cousin like a brother, so the last thing he wants to do is make a move on Sawyer’s girl. Ashton is off-limits, absolutely. That’s why he does his best to keep his distance, even though he’s been in love with her forever. When Ashton wants to rekindle their childhood friendship in Sawyer’s absence, Beau knows he should say no.
Ashton and Beau don’t want to hurt Sawyer. But the more they try to stay away from each other, the more intense their urges become. It’s getting way too hard to resist...

The Vincent Boys is a fantastic contemporary romance that nails forbidden romance and the struggles people have to find themselves and be true to who they are.

Beau, his cousin Sawyer and Ashton are childhood friends, doing everything together until Sawyer changes the dynamics by asking Ashton to be his girlfriend. Beau distances himself from the others, gaining the reputation of a bad boy and a player and Sawyer and Ashton become the town’s quintessential perfect couple. Ashton puts on a facade, always trying to please everyone and trying to be what she deems good enough for Sawyer but underneath she is struggling and wants to be a normal teenager and have fun. Sawyer is away for the summer and Ashton is lonely…enter her oldest friend Beau. Friendships are reconnected and feelings come flooding back…sparks are about to ignite!

I knew that this book would be tackling the subject of cheating and I was concerned as to how it would play out because it’s not nice reading about someone getting hurt but I think Abbi Glines has written it in a way where we can really understand and connect with the situation and I didn’t find myself hating any of the characters that actually cheated which I thought I would. It’s written is a sensitive way and you can just see that Beau and Ashton are meant to be.

I really sympathized with the character or Ashton, she isn't a very confident person and I don’t think she had much self worth as she felt she wasn’t good enough for Sawyer. I didn’t think Sawyer was a perfect character or any better than Ashton, so I didn’t understand why she would feel this way. After always having to put on a front and being someone you’re not I was so happy when Ashton could be herself with Beau. They are so alike and they bring out the best in each other. I really enjoyed their relationship and how it developed so naturally.

Beau is such a sweetheart! I loved his character and thought he was such a well written and developed character. He isn't afraid to be who he wants to be, he’s confident and his love for Ashton is heartwarming. I can’t gush enough over how much I loved his character!
The book has some great secondary characters and isn't afraid to tackle difficult subjects such as death and cheating and I think it handled both is such a fantastic way. The Vincent Boys is quite a steamy read for Young Adult so be warned is might make you blush at times! I really enjoyed this book and the relationships between Beau and Ashton and the relationships Ashton shared with her family. 

This book gives us all an important message, always be yourself, a person should love you for who you are, good and bad, and not for who you pretend to be.

I am looking forward to reading the second book in this series and further books from Abbi Glines, The Vincent Boys stole my heart!

Rating: 5/5

Feature & Follow Friday

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This Weeks Question: 

What is your favorite tv series that you can watch over and over again on Netflix?
I am a Netflix addict and some of the shows I could watch on repeat are The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, The Killing and American Horror Story :) 

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Waiting On Wednesday Vanishing Girls By Lauren Oliver

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I can't wait to read:
Expected Publication: March 3rd 2015

Dara and Nick used to be inseparable, but that was before the accident that left Dara's beautiful face scarred and the two sisters totally estranged. When Dara vanishes on her birthday, Nick thinks Dara is just playing around. But another girl, nine-year-old Madeline Snow, has vanished, too, and Nick becomes increasingly convinced that the two disappearances are linked. Now Nick has to find her sister, before it's too late.

In this edgy and compelling novel, Lauren Oliver creates a world of intrigue, loss, and suspicion as two sisters search to find themselves, and each other.

I really enjoy Lauren Oliver's writing and I am looking forward to this upcoming book! I am a huge fan on contemporary mysteries and this one sounds perfect! Bit of wait though but I am sure it will be worth it.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Feature And Follow Friday

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This Weeks Question: 

Post a funny Youtube video (doesn’t have to be book related).

I am such a fan on Improv Everywhere and their movies in real life so I just had to post the Harry Potter video, it always makes me giggle!

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Waiting On Wednesday - Little White Lies By Katie Dale

Waiting On Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking The Spine.

I can't wait to read:

Expected Publication: December 9th 2014

Fans of Pretty Little Liars will be ensnared in this tale of deceit. Christian is hiding terrible secrets from his girlfriend, Lou. But Lou has told lies as well. What if their accidental meeting wasn’t an accident?
 The first time Lou meets mysterious Christian, she knows he is The One. But Christian is hiding a terrible secret. Why does he clam up every time Lou asks about his past? Why doesn’t he have any family photos, and why does he dye his blond hair black? When Christian’s house goes up in flames, his tires are slashed, and he flees for his life, Lou insists on going with him. But as Christian’s secret is unveiled in front of the whole world, it seems everything he’s ever told Lou is a lie. Can what the media are saying about him really be true? Should Lou trust him? Or is she in grave danger?  But Christian isn’t the only one keeping secrets. For what if their accidental meeting was no accident at all?

This one sounds full of mystery and I am intrigued to what Christian's secret is. I have never read anything by Katie Dale before but I have heard such positive things about her writing so I am looking forward to reading her work for myself!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Top Ten Tuesday - Top Ten Horror Films!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke And The Bookish.

This weeks we get to choose to share other types of stories, whether it be our favourite TV shows or romantic films. I love a good horror film and have decided to share my favourite horror films with you, this changes every week so my favourite horror films at the moment!

The Purge

The concept freaked me out and that's why it scared me so much. It is just normal people, no monster or ghost, the bad guys are people!

Cabin In The Woods

I adore this film and not just becasue Thor is in it! It has everything you could possibly want from a horror film, every type of monsters or killer Unicorn that could possibly be needed!

The Conjuring

I hate dolls, mannequins and puppets, I have such a fear of them so this movie terrified me! 

The Woman In Black

I saw this at the cinema and jumped so much! This film was made so well, it has such an eery feeling to it and it's Harry Potter!


This film was scary but I would watch it again and again and again. It had such a great plot and I love Ethan Hawke.


This one made me jump a lot, a lot more than the sequel!

The Strangers

This has to be the only horror film that scared me a little, I don't know if that's because I watched it home alone on Halloween or if it's just that scary! The idea that they commit the crimes just becasue they were home terrifies me!

Resident Evil 

I have always been a fan of the resident evil franchise and the first movie has to be my favourite, great cast, zombies galore and a really amazing movie.

Scream Franchise

To me the Scream films are classics, they had the humour the suspense and gory deaths...just what I want in a horror film.

Chernobyl Diaries

I love abandoned buildings and cities and have always been curious about the Chernobyl disaster so I just had to watch this movie!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Feature & Follow Friday

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This Weeks Question: 

If you had a time machine (i.e. a TARDIS), where would you go?

I would like to go to Victorian times, I have always have a fascination with that era and would love to see it for myself. I would also like to visit the 1920's and the 1960's I just love the fashion and would love to see it in person!

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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Review - Perfected By Kate Jarvik Birch

Published July 1st 2014

Perfection comes at a price.

As soon as the government passed legislation allowing humans to be genetically engineered and sold as pets, the rich and powerful rushed to own beautiful girls like Ella. Trained from birth to be graceful, demure, and above all, perfect, these “family companions” enter their masters’ homes prepared to live a life of idle luxury.

Ella is happy with her new role as playmate for a congressman’s bubbly young daughter, but she doesn’t expect Penn, the congressman’s handsome and rebellious son. He’s the only person who sees beyond the perfect exterior to the girl within. Falling for him goes against every rule she knows…and the freedom she finds with him is intoxicating.

But when Ella is kidnapped and thrust into the dark underworld lurking beneath her pampered life, she’s faced with an unthinkable choice. Because the only thing more dangerous than staying with Penn’s family is leaving…and if she’s unsuccessful, she’ll face a fate far worse than death.

For fans of Keira Cass’s Selection series and Lauren DeStefano’s Chemical Garden series, Perfected is a chilling look at what it means to be human, and a stunning celebration of the power of love to set us free, wrapped in a glamorous—and dangerous—bow.

I received this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Perfected is set in a world where it is acceptable and legal for humans to be bought up and trained to be the perfect pet. They are then sold off to the highest bidder to be used in any way their new owner pleases. Ella is sold off to a wealthy congressman and his family where she is used to show off to the congressman’s wealthy friends and as a play thing for his daughter. Along the way Ella falls for Penn, the congressman’s son and suddenly all she has been taught to know and be is in question and Ella finds out what it is to be more than someone’s pet.

The concept of Perfected was very unique and quite scary! To think that humans could be sold as pets and it is a normal every day occurrence was quite disturbing and made me angry at times. It is a very twisted thing is what seems like a normal world.

Ella’s whole purpose in life is to become someone’s perfect pet, she is practically a doll, she looks beautiful and she is taught to make others happy, it is like the ‘pets’  aren't supposed to have a personality of their own or even have their own thoughts and feelings.

I really liked the character of Ella, she is naive to the world she lives in and pretty clueless. She hasn't been brought up to be a normal functioning human, she doesn't eat the same food and can’t even read. I felt sorry for her character and was hoping she would see that there is more to life than being owned by someone. I am glad that Penn showed what it to be human, to love and to learn. I enjoyed seeing her progress on her journey and allow herself to feel and want what she wanted.

Penn is just a normal guy, he feels pressure from his father to follow in his footsteps and his escape from the world he lives in is through music, as it is for Ella and this is how the connect. I really enjoyed his character; I felt he was the added normality in a crazy disturbing world. He sees that having a ‘pet’ is wrong and that Ella is a human being with rights.

I really hope Perfected is made into a series, the ending left so many unanswered questions and I am craving more! Perfected is overall a story of love and how it can set people free, can it save Penn and Ella? I suggest you read this exciting story for yourself and follow the journey Penn and Ella share!


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Waiting On Wednesday - Girl Online By Zoe Sugg

Waiting On Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking The Spine.

I can't wait to read:

Expected Publication: November 25th 2014

GIRL ONLINE is the stunning debut romance novel by YouTube phenomenon Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella.

I had no idea GirlOnline would take off the way it has - I can't believe I now have 5432 followers, thanks so much! - and the thought of opening up to you all about this is terrifying, but here goes...
Penny has a secret.

Under the alias GirlOnline, she blogs about school dramas, boys, her mad, whirlwind family - and the panic attacks she's suffered from lately. When things go from bad to worse, her family whisks her away to New York, where she meets the gorgeous, guitar-strumming Noah. Suddenly Penny is falling in love - and capturing every moment of it on her blog.

But Noah has a secret too. One that threatens to ruin Penny's cover - and her closest friendship - forever.

I am a huge fan of Zoe's blog and Youtube channel and have been for such a long time. I was so excited to hear about her new book and can't wait to get my hands on it! I love her writing on her blog and am excited to see what she has to offer in her debut book!

Phobic By Cortney Pearson Cover Reveal!

Series: The Forbidden Doors #1
Genre: YA Horror
Release date: September 2014

Fifteen-year-old Piper Crenshaw knows her house is strange. It’s never needed repairs since it was built in the 1800s, and the lights flicker in response to things she says. As if those things aren’t creepy enough, it’s also the place where her mother committed murder.

To prove she’s not afraid of where she lives, Piper opens a forbidden door, which hides a staircase that leads to the ceiling. That’s when the flashbacks of the original residents from 1875 start, including a love affair between two young servants. Each vision pulls Piper deeper into not only their story, but also her house. Piper confides in her best friend, Todd, whom she's gradually falling for, but even he doesn't believe her. At least, not until her house gets axed during a prank, and the act injures Piper instead, cutting a gash the size of Texas into her stomach. 

Piper realizes her house isn’t haunted—it’s alive. To sever her link to it, she must unravel the clues in the flashbacks and uncover the truth about her mother’s crime, before she becomes part of her house for good.

Guest Post By Author Cortney Pearson

As writers we are constantly gathering inspiration (whether we know it or not). An overheard conversation, watching people interact, teenagers laughing together, hearing others tell stories. I believe we subconsciously refer to our life experiences as we write and create stories. We have to. In order to generate realistic emotion and detail that readers can relate to, we have to have some kind of jumping-off-point to base them on. I'd like to share just a few things that sparked ideas for me as I created the world of PHOBIC, a world which is based on the ethereal aspect of seemingly ordinary places. 

Inspiration #1 

My great aunt lived alone in this fantastic old house built by her father, my great-great grandfather. And it felt like stepping back through time every time I walked through the door. BUT. Right off from her back door--the entrance we always used--was a staircase. It wasn't long. It wasn't even hidden like those in my story. But this staircase led to Aunt Vay's basement with its concrete floor and old cast iron stove and that pair of metal roller skates that always sat alone on a shelf. I hated going in that basement, especially by myself.

 Looking back at these pictures now I wonder why I'd been so scared, but as a kid that basement was terrifying!

The basement in PHOBIC plays a huge part in the mystery of the house Piper lives in. It's a place she's been forbidden from entering, but this time she's determined to find out why. 

 Inspiration #2 

Another instance happened at Aunt Vay's when my mom, sister, and I had pulled in late at night to sleep after traveling from California to Utah all day long. We were tired. It was cold and windy outside. And my mom couldn't find her key to the back door. We tried that knob several times and then as I went to reach for the knob again, the door opened. All on its own. OPENED. My mom, sister, and I all exchanged looks and when I checked the knob (on the now open door), it was still locked. True story! So it prompted the opening and this scene in PHOBIC: 

 My best friend Todd’s red pickup appears at the curb, spewing exhaust like the truck has a cigarette up its backside. I jerk up. My pulse kicks at the sight of him. That’s been happening a lot more lately, my insides flaring up and doing some sort of spastic dance whenever I catch sight of his alluring smile and dark curls.

 Leaving the second Pop-Tart on the table, I stuff my phone in my pocket and snatch up my backpack and clarinet case. I dart past the round, velvet-topped table in the wide hallway to the front door.

 I reach for the knob. It won’t turn.
 Heart pounding, I try again. One way, then the other. Chick. Chick. The lock mechanism is vertical. The door isn’t locked. 
“Not now,” I say under my breath. “Please not now.”
 The hairs at my nape skulk up one by one until they all stand on end. My wrist flicks, and the obstinate knob makes the same chick chick sounds. The eerie feeling spreads down the length of my arm, making the knob cold under my touch. What is going on? I’m used to my house doing strange things, but why won’t it let me out? 

 Inspiration #3 

The Winchester Mansion in California has also been intriguing to me, especially the staircase that leads to the ceiling. This whole house is completely creepy, but especially this:

Piper's house also has a hidden staircase similar to this one. Her discovery of it knocks her sense of reality way off course, and she begins seeing flashbacks of the original residents of house. Which leads to... 

 Inspiration #4 

I LOVE romances, along with Victorian/Regency-era stories. So my final inspiration for the story--particularly the flashbacks that Piper has to the past-is: 

 Downton Abbey (I know it takes place after the two eras above-mentioned. But still, inspiration.) It was after watching the first few episodes that my two star-crossed servants in love sprang into my head. 

 There were many other sources of inspiration as well, but these are the main ones. What about for you? What inspires you when you write?

About The Author

Cortney Pearson is a book nerd who studied literature at BYU-Idaho, a music nerd who plays clarinet in her local community orchestra, and a writing nerd who creates books for young adults. She lives with her husband and three sons in a small Idaho farm town.