Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Review - The List By Siobhan Vivian

It happens every September– the list is posted all over school. Two girls are picked from each year. One is named the prettiest, one the ugliest.

The girls who aren't picked are quickly forgotten. The girls who are become the centre of attention, and each reacts differently to the experience.

With THE LIST, Siobhan Vivian deftly takes you into the lives of eight very different girls struggling with issues of identity, self-esteem, and the judgements of their peers. Prettiest or ugliest, once you're on the list, you'll never be the same.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review via Netgalley.

When I saw this book available for request, I requested based on the blurb alone. The idea that eight girls form the same high school were judged on their looks alone and categorised as beautiful and ugly not only appalled me but intrigued me. I wanted to know how the girls dealt with their new labels and more importantly how the people around them reacted to such a horrible thing.

The book is written from the eight different girls perspectives, which I'm not going to lie was hard to get used to for me, there were too many voices and stories going on and I found it difficult at times to keep up with each character. Certain characters did shine more than others and their voices stood out and I would have loved to delve deeper into their stories and how they felt.

Each character was different and dealt with the list in a different way, some saw it as a good thing and a way to advance their popularity and some were disgusted and had their lives ruined by it and it was interesting to see their reactions and how the list effected their lives and the lives of the people around them.

The List is an excellent read, very honest and tackles how woman can be objectified. No one should be judged by appearance and definitely not labelled. Not only did the list judge the girls but the girls already had their own insecurities and judgements of their bodies. I really enjoyed reading how the girls reacted and tried to find out who the culprit was.

The list was a unique read for me with the use of so many different perspectives and was different to other contemporary reads which made it stand out for me. I look forward to reading other works from Siobhan Vivian in the future.

Rating: 4/5