Monday, 18 July 2016

Book Vs. Movie

Other than books my other passion is movies, so today I thought why not combine the two and do a book Vs. movie comparison. 

Round 1

The Notebook

I adored the book it made me cry... a lot as i'm sure it did everyone who has read it and the film didn't disappoint either. I loved the casting and thought it really brought the book to life. It doesn't happen often but the film has a slight edge for me so I'm going to go with film!

Round 2


Twilight is my guilty pleasure, I just can't help it! I really enjoyed the book series and thought they were just fun easy reads.When the films come out I enjoyed them but now the more I watch them the more I cringe... hands down the book wins this round.

Round 3

The Fault In Our Stars


I along with the rest of the world fell in love with this book and the characters and I was nervous that the film wouldn't do the book justice...luckily it did! The characters are brought to life perfectly and the story is done perfectly. The film just as good as the has to be a draw!

Round 4

If I Stay

I thought the book was beautifully written and an emotional roller coaster, however for me although I enjoyed the film it didn't bring the emotion out in my like the book managed to. Book wins this round.

Round 5

Dear John

The book broke my heart, i loved every word of Dear John and I still think of the book. The film I was so excited for but I was so disappointed! It was a good film but it was nowhere near on the same level as the book, I just didn't feel the emotion in the film as I did the book. Book wins again!

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