Saturday, 16 July 2016

Taking my life back...

Sometimes life sucks...I have been unable to dedicate the time to my blog due to being an adult taking over my life. In a short amount of time I've gone from being the girl with chronic fatigue syndrome stuck in bed with plenty of time to read and do the things she loves to working pretty much full time and running my own house...which is exhausting! 

Now don't get me wrong being in control of my illness and taking my life back is the most fantastic feeling in the world...I feel like an actual person's the adjusting I find hard. Being ill meant I had tons of free time (only good thing to come from being ill!) and it is how I found you lovely people and your fantastic blogs! I now have to juggle work and daily running of my house.... I swear washing up multiplies! I spend most of my time working and then sleeping, well that's what it feels like.

I've realised I need to take my life back in a different way, I want to do the things I love and reading and sharing my thoughts with you all is something I love to do. I'm not the most confident person and I struggle with anxiety, I suppose spending years in bed kind of makes you socially awkward but i'm trying my best to be human again and this blog gives me so much more confidence. I have always had such lovely comments from you all and our love of books brings us all together. The book community is such a welcoming place and I've missed it thoroughly. 

So I am back, I will post as regularly as I can and look forward to sharing my thoughts with you once again. 

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